Christi's In Home Training & Pet Care - Helping Dogs Better Understand their Humans since 2001
In Loving Memory of
"Sweet Brodi James"
3/4/96 - 8/7/08
"The Duke of Hazzard"
8/12/01- 6/26/12
Brodi was my inspiration and gave me the confidence to start Christi's In Home Training & Pet Care. From the day I found him at the humane society, Brodi was by my side. When he was 2 yrs old Brodi came with me to The National k9 School for Dog Trainers. This was a very intense and difficult course for dog trainers that wanted to be better at what they do. Brodi put up with learning everything from off leash obedience to therapy work. It was hard but Brodi never complained and always had a smile on his face!
He was diagnosed with bone cancer in March of 2008 but thankfully enjoyed life for an additional 5 months thanks to his swim sessions at K9 Hydrotherapy. Brodi taught me so much in his short 12 years, most importantly that as much as we humans like to think that we train/teach our dogs, the real truth is that if we can be open to it, our dogs can actually teach us everything that is important about life... play, laugh, love and make time to truly appreciate each and every moment you are with the ones that you love!
     Duke came into my life after I started Christi's In-Home Training & Pet Care. Duke was willing to do whatever I asked of him (as long as there was food involved anyway)! Duke was an amazing obedience partner. He earned several obedience titles and taught me never to judge a book by its cover. He was a challenge but once I stepped back and allowed Duke to show me what he needed, I realized how unique and special he was! This is a picture of Duke on his last day with me. Duke had Pancreatitis (a sensitive stomach condition) which kept him on a strict diet & Spondylosis (arthritis in his vertebrae) which prevented him from any extreme exercise. So on his last day he got to go to the park to run and to Burger King to enjoy a Happy Meal! He was so happy and it was a moment I will cherish always!

Brodi & Duke will always be in my heart!



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